Thrift Store Makeover #9
Hey guys! Today is another pisode from my series Thrift Store Makeovers, where I take a used, worn out item (OR sometimes from yard sales or off of ebay) clean it up, fix it up and decorate it. I love hunting through thrift stores to find old, rejected items and then decorating them and putting my own style on them to turn them into new pieces of art. I've definitely missed these thrift flips and I want to do more thrifting soon!

In this episode I am going to be painting on and customizing a mini bubble gum machine. I had so much fun with this and I think it was a really cool and unique item to customize. Hope you like it!

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  • redacted Is rather dumb
    redacted Is rather dumb

    Have you ever tried using the triangle makeup wedges for blending? You but the colors on one half the other on the second half and dab dab dab till ur nail, no art is fab

  • Coraline Garland
    Coraline Garland

    Your soooooooooo pretty!❤

  • Sheza Shahul
    Sheza Shahul

    *-Me just now realizing Moriah is left handed-*-

  • Finley Olendorff
    Finley Olendorff

    TheKay TheKay 2 months ago There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah’s design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and merch. Let’s try and get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! Thank you. “(All credit goes to Victoria K, the original commenter)

  • neel patel
    neel patel

    Ohh I wish I had that For .....some reasons...:)

  • Terry Randall
    Terry Randall

    There’s 8 bags there??-


    Y no what's the funniest thing of her chanel. HER EDITS



  • Salla Romppanen
    Salla Romppanen

    I just relazed that moriah has 8 bubble gum packs

  • ArcherTCG

    Moriah: I’m 26 Me:you act like a five year old

  • Lola Itz Games
    Lola Itz Games

    I think the finished look is better than it was before. *The person who made the gumball machine* :O •́ _ •̀

  • Pink Flamingo AG
    Pink Flamingo AG

    pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do a locked in my art room video part 2!!!!!! pls

  • Pink Flamingo AG
    Pink Flamingo AG

    Day 5. of asking for a locked in my art room part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • •Toca•

    10:19 u sounded like plagg from miraculous 😂🤭

  • Sophia Perez
    Sophia Perez

    Moriah be like:"Always start with rainbow"🎨👌

  • Alba Pell
    Alba Pell

    Moriah:A CENT Me:chill

  • Stephen Blair Hurst
    Stephen Blair Hurst

    Why can’t it be like that with money at the store

  • Gennie

    you spent $133 on BUBBLEGUM...??😨 /j /nm (its her money)

  • Molly

    U should spray paint the silver dispenser!

  • Mareli Angon
    Mareli Angon

    I would totally 💯 but that bubblegum machine would you ???

  • LoloFeezy

    Her intro never gets old

  • Honor Tam
    Honor Tam

    Jesus is king!!!

  • Seth Keen
    Seth Keen

    I got my covid shot today and your arms are sore :C ?

  • bernadette dunn leo
    bernadette dunn leo

    Can i give u 1 idea ?do a animal cage next.

  • Jake Sciberras 2010
    Jake Sciberras 2010

    Moriah in 20 years: "So now i'm out of gesso..." *Opie interrupts* Moriah:Do you like your painted fur opie?

  • Vanessa O
    Vanessa O

    I also agree that gooey price stickers should be illegal😂 I wanted to tell anyone reading this something really important. One day we are all going to stand before God. If you have ever lied, stolen, used God’s name in vain (omg) which is called blasphemy , hated someone (which God consideres murder) or done other things that are against His law ( the Ten Commandments), He sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderer. He will judge us, and because we have all broken His law, we ALL deserve hell. But because He loves us, He became a human about two thousand years ago, lived without sinning, and died a terrible death He didn’t deserve because of us. Three days later He rose from the dead and one day He is coming back. We all deserve the ultimate punishment (hell). But God loves us so much that He took the punishment on Himself. We broke Gods law, Jesus paid the fine. If you repent from your sins ( sincerely apologize for breaking His law and turn away from doing it anymore) and trust in Him and Him only, your punishment will be paid for, you will get eternal life in heaven, and you will no longer go to hell. I’m not telling you this to judge you. The thought of you going to hell terrifies me. I don’t want anyone to go without hearing this wonderful news. Thank you whoever took the time to read this. If you have a Bible, I suggest you read the book of John. You can find many Bible apps on devices. I pray that you and everyone who reads this will think about this seriously. And I hope to see you in heaven. Go to for a video version of what I just talked about. Check out livingwaters ISnets channel and and also for a movie called Exit that deals with depression and suicide.

    • Doggies45

      Thank you,and god bless 😊

  • stress and history
    stress and history

    I love in her description she forgot the e in episode

  • yozlin

    I she actually 25 cause she asks like a 9 year old girl like me I act like that

  • Starr Spells
    Starr Spells

    It looks absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Axolotl Plays
    Axolotl Plays

    Well that's BOGUS! Made me laugh.

  • Axolotl Plays
    Axolotl Plays

    It's the Gesso that never endssss...

  • Richard Whyte
    Richard Whyte


  • Emily Warner
    Emily Warner

    There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah’s design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and merch. Let’s try and get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! Thank you. “(All credit goes to Victoria K, the original commenter)

  • Totchas Edit
    Totchas Edit


  • Steven Ogden
    Steven Ogden

    Dear moriah I would like to suggest for your next squishy makeover that you make a a squishy as a superhero :)

  • Lucinda Dennis
    Lucinda Dennis

    also i have watched you for years i love your videos you are so talented and have you done a horse?

  • Lucinda Dennis
    Lucinda Dennis

    idea for future art projects watermelon elephant

  • moriah.farted

    Moriah in 2030: i painted my art room

  • Wow 3racha Hawt
    Wow 3racha Hawt

    Throw back to when I was the first person to guess what she was doing

  • Missykizzyplays Roblox
    Missykizzyplays Roblox

    You know the song this is the song that never ends yes it goes on and on my friend some people started singing it not knowing what it was and then they started singing it forever just because...

  • Fellow Sinner
    Fellow Sinner

    Love your sweater

  • •D丨卂爪ㄖ几D•ツ

    3:21 ✨it never ends✨

  • Megan Bashaw
    Megan Bashaw

    Susie no no lucy

  • Megan Bashaw
    Megan Bashaw

    No one Moriah: THe MeAt

  • temermis

    I already tried to paint on glass once with poscas and the scratch a lot so you have to do it very carefully

  • AxᴏʟᴏᴛʟBᴜɪʟᴅs


  • Lena Jakobiak
    Lena Jakobiak

    I love it and I want it

  • %y0kuu ♡︎
    %y0kuu ♡︎

    im currently painting mason jars (they where .99) so i thoght i would look at this vid for inspo =)

  • Siphokazi Hlubi
    Siphokazi Hlubi

    I really love this 🥺

  • Jamie

    Please do an updated art room tour including the blue couch room!!! Copy and paste if you want to see this idea.

  • Randy Madewell
    Randy Madewell

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  • Hey_it’s_me! Curry
    Hey_it’s_me! Curry


  • Panda's building hacks -
    Panda's building hacks -

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  • Avery’s World
    Avery’s World

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  • John Hiraman
    John Hiraman

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  • Kiley Seva
    Kiley Seva

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  • Lisa Lothian
    Lisa Lothian


  • kelly moon
    kelly moon

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  • Aster.C2

    The clip where Moriah's face and the white background become one reminds me of that creepy ice cream commercial where the ice cream person eats themselves 😦

  • Garima Jain
    Garima Jain

    Moria can you paint another plushie and create it into one of yours already existing characters like you can make an pineapple into Georgie and an blue Dinosaur into cousin derp if you like this I idea don’t force her to do it

    • Garima Jain
      Garima Jain

      I hope you like my idea

  • Jennifer Riggs
    Jennifer Riggs

    Moriah ur so good at art and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ I love you

  • Retaj Omar
    Retaj Omar

    i love your videos so much it makes me laugh all the time but are you going to eat the gum or???

  • Gracie Nyberg
    Gracie Nyberg

    I have the same bubble gum machine same price and I did the same thing

  • Scarlett

    I love your channel

  • Leyna Slater
    Leyna Slater

    I got triggered when you said bubble gum machine instead of gumball machine

  • Akshaya Kaivalya
    Akshaya Kaivalya

    So no ones gonna talk about how sarcastic Moriah is in all her videos?

    • no.

      We are all used to it lmao

  • Amanda aka GiggleBug7
    Amanda aka GiggleBug7

    This is perfect. Sooo awesome.

  • Golden Angles
    Golden Angles


  • Reese Tesla
    Reese Tesla

    Pls do another art room tour 😇☺️

  • Adelle Jenison
    Adelle Jenison

    if you ever get another you could make it a mushroom i personally think it would be a cute idea

  • it's me
    it's me

    Honestly I don't I don't notice the reflection in the glass or really the reflection in any in any video until she points it out and even then I have to look really hard to find it

  • BTS FF ACC Olivia leach
    BTS FF ACC Olivia leach

    Does Moriah reply? Also loving ur content atm keep it up 💜

    • no.

      No unfortunately she doesn’t reply or hearts any comments

  • Lottie Murray
    Lottie Murray

    Moriah vids get me through life. Luv u girl

  • Zabrina Cockney
    Zabrina Cockney

    I love your veds ♥️

  • anat granit
    anat granit

    You are funny 😄

  • zoe

    *you should decorate small bonus squishies at the end of every squishy makeover so you can fill the gum ball machine with the small squishies*

  • Sinead Talks
    Sinead Talks

    How dare people dislike her vids

  • cucumber gaming
    cucumber gaming

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    • cucumber gaming
      cucumber gaming

      And it was green 😂

    • Shahar Bhanu
      Shahar Bhanu


  • Cyclinic Suspension
    Cyclinic Suspension

    why does that pumpkin pug thing not have a steam

  • Cyclinic Suspension
    Cyclinic Suspension

    was that gumball thing 6$.99

  • Madi L
    Madi L

    Leave a damp towel on the stickers for a while it gets it off

  • Ritika Patil
    Ritika Patil

    Anyone else wants to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :)🌈(all credit goes to the original commenter Olive Frost)

  • Aoife McGlanaghey
    Aoife McGlanaghey

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  • Marielle Whitethorn
    Marielle Whitethorn

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    Magenta James

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  • Child One
    Child One

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  • ♡• sunny bear safari•♡
    ♡• sunny bear safari•♡

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  • Theia-Boehm-reverie-Rose

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  • Milla Sutherland
    Milla Sutherland

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  • Andromeda Fletcher
    Andromeda Fletcher

    Hey I have a request you should do a video on testing out this app called IBS paint on the phone

  • Priyani _Kulkarni_4K_32_Aqua
    Priyani _Kulkarni_4K_32_Aqua

    3:21 can be a jingle for gesso

  • The Kooking Girl
    The Kooking Girl

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    Hayley Moore

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    Nabila Essam

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    Nabila Essam

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  • Hazel:D Drewlo
    Hazel:D Drewlo

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  • marcelle broderick
    marcelle broderick

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  • Justin Perrettson
    Justin Perrettson

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    Annette Brassil

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    Narelle Moorby

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