Painting on PAINT Brushes?!
Hey! Ok, so it's happened, I've lost it. 🤣 Just kidding. This is a video idea that I got from some of you guys. Ever since I did my "Painting on Paint Palettes" mini series, I've notice this request appearing in the comments. Apparently some of you really wanted to see my trying to paint on paint brushes. So, here I am to do it. I have no idea how this idea got spread around, it is quite a strange one, but we are used to that around here. This was definitely an interesting art experiment. Made for a very unique art project. At least it does serve as some cool DIY room decor for my Art and craft room. Even though this was a little strange, and definitely not the typical item for customization, I did have some fun with it. I hope you enjoy watching!

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    Chip Chip

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    Jessica Schleicher

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    Trameka Khathiya

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    Hannah Pilarte

    Some genius commented this: She should make a yearbook full of her characters, the seniors could be the oldest squishies, etc etc. You should also include the awards section with class clown hottest couple etc.

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    She’s lost her mind…

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    Carame Reeves

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    5 minute creations with Cassie

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  • I don’t know what to change my name to help
    I don’t know what to change my name to help

    To basically half the people in the top comment… THE FINGERS DOWN MY SONG IS NOT THE SPRINKLE SONG *fake fan* (JK) MORIAH EVEN SAID IT HERSELF “A lot of people are confused about the fingers down my spine song and the sprinkle song the fingers down my spin song is NOT the sprinkle song the fingers down my spine song is just a random song I use” She also never used it for sprinkles so I have no idea how the heck yall thought it was the sprinkle song- 💀💀💀

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    rachel roberson

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    Ralph Randall

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    Some genius commented this: She should make a yearbook full of her characters, the seniors could be the oldest squishies, etc etc. You should also include the awards section with class clown hottest couple etc.

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    Maggie's Channel

    Can we get a part two of this please ? Fans - Please copy and paste it !!

  • Dean-Alexander Kunze
    Dean-Alexander Kunze

    the metal part is called the ferrule here is what it does: A ferrule is the part of the paintbrush which holds the bristles together and connects them to the handle. It is made of metal. The ferrule is designed by the size of the brush and the number of bristles. It is crimped at one end to hold the bristles in place and the other end is glued to the handle. A good quality ferrule will not rust quickly and will hold your bristles into the handle after many uses.

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    helen collin

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      helen collin

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    Aubree Brown

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    • Ali Rae
      Ali Rae


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    Some genius commented this: She should make a yearbook full of her characters, the seniors could be the oldest squishies, etc etc. You should also include the awards section with class clown, hottest couple etc.

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    Geo 0130

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    De’Asia Vaughn

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    Totchas Edit

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    • Totchas Edit
      Totchas Edit

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  • ꧁ℂ𝕙𝕠𝕔𝕠꧂


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    Moriah Elizabeth fan!!!!!! bLoBS and rainbows

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    Randy Madewell

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    Holo Sohma

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  • BrixGacha

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